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Ideas, tips and tools for celebrating International Women’s Day

What is International Women’s Day (IWD)?

The International Women’s Day website states:

IWD is held each year on 8 March. It’s a day to celebrate gender diversity and identifying the actions every person can take to help drive better outcomes for women.

Through meaningful celebration and targeted bold action, we can all be responsive and responsible leaders in creating a more gender inclusive world. The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186. This is too long to wait. So around the world, IWD provides an important opportunity for ground breaking action that will truly drive greater change for women.

IWD is an important opportunity to:

celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women because visibility and awareness help drive positive change for women

declare bold actions you’ll take as an individual or organisation to help progress the gender agenda because purposeful action can accelerate gender parity across the world

If your organisation is a NAWO Corporate Member, feel proud! Bold action has already been taken towards driving better outcomes for women.

March 8, International Women’s Day, is a day for you to celebrate your NAWO membership and all that membership has to offer… and maybe come up with a few new bold ideas!

Plan your celebration

Celebrating your NAWO membership on IWD can take many forms – it can be as fabulously huge or elegantly understated as you choose.

However, your event should:

  • celebrate achievements of your organisation with respect to driving better outcomes for women
  • be held on or around 8 March
  • be shared on NAWO’s website and through all of NAWO’s social media channels (insert icons and links here Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • be registered on the IWD website

IWD 2016 NAWO Leaders #PledgeForParity

The big 4 – ideas for celebrating International Women’s day

Nothing brings people together and sparks conversation quite like food and a cup of tea or coffee! Organise catering – branded cupcakes have been a real winner at NAWO launch events around Australia!

Use the event to share a special NAWO IWD announcement. You could incorporate all or some of the following ideas. (*Hint: using the NAWO templates provided under ‘Resources’ on this page will make it event easier!)

  • A presentation from your CEO – live or prerecorded. Reinforce your organisation’s commitment to gender diversity by demonstrating serious leadership support and involvement. Use NAWO’s CEO Presentation template to prepare a presentation, or check out NAWO’s 2016 #PledgeForParity video featuring leaders from the NAWO community for inspiration around prerecorded presentations.
  • Communicate details of the NAWO Diversity Scan (Coming soon) and your organisation’s intentions to participate in this important research
  • Ask your team to donate a gold coin on entry to a charitable organisation of choice (here are some terrific organisations that are actively driving better outcomes for women)
  • Celebrate/present NAWO IWD Awards for women and men who have gone above and beyond to support your organisation’s efforts and initiatives with respect to gender diversity. Don’t forget to send us the names and stories of your award recipients, as well as photos, so that we can share their inspiration across the NAWO network!
  • Start conversations about gender diversity. Showcasing the good, the bad and the downright disgraceful statistics relating to female workforce participation, NAWO’s chatterbox is a great ice breaker. Or shine a spotlight on your organisation’s achievements and areas for improvement by tailoring blank NAWO chatterboxes with your gender diversity data and staff feedback.
  • Invite colleagues to declare the bold action they will be taking to help drive gender parity. Try these ideas:
    • Encourage a woman in your team to join NAWO Mentoring Circles.
    • Attend a NAWO event with your team.
    • Change meeting times to avoid parental care responsibilities as far as possible.
    • Walk the talk! Identify and model ways to work and lead with more agility.

Interview key women in your organisation (iPhones are great for this!) using these 10 questions and publish the answers as part of your #NAWO_IWD #BeBoldForChange communications. Don’t forget to send these to NAWO so we can share with our network!

Prepare an approved and authorised #BeBoldForChange statement of support from your leaders (corporate chairperson, CEOs, functional leaders, frontline leaders) – for possible promotion and amplification via your organsiation and NAWO’s social media channels.


Send out a prerecorded CEO message to the organisation, reinforcing your organisational values, commitment to gender diversity and NAWO membership, and highlight progress.

Make sure you include people on parental leave on the distribution list to receive messages.

Need inspiration? Frank Boys, Acting Executive General Manager – Supply Chain Operations, Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd, circulated the following message throughout the organisation to announce their NAWO Gold Membership:


10 Great resources to help celebrate nawo membership on IWD

Our fabulous resources will add instant impact to your IWD celebrations!

  1. NAWO IWD Certificates — Recognise those people who are leading bold changes for greater gender diversity every day.
  2. Key messages — We have developed some key messages to help you promote your event.
  3. Social media and web graphics, Infographics and shareables — We have developed some images to share on our website or on social media to promote your support for NAWO and IWD.
  4. NAWO Chatterbox and editable chatterbox (You’ll need help from your graphic designer to tailor this for your organisation)

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