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2017 Workshop participants

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Workshop Dates 2018 

  • QLD – 6 June
  • VIC – 14 June
  • NSW – 3 July
  • SA – 24 July
  • WA – 26 July


“You are a champion. I have improved my delegation skills, stress levels, office relationships, leadership skills, honesty and general performance since hooking up with you. “

“I know you would receive a lot of emails and this is not strictly work related. I just wanted to let you know how effective your tips have been in a personal way. I have been ineffectively trying to initiate a dialogue for two years and have recently been more than successful by putting into practice the few tools you have taught us.”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for a sensational workshop. I can say without reservation that yours was the most effective, entertaining and well-presented course I have attended. I have come away with a collection of negotiation skills that will add a new dimension to my role.”


– talkforce client feedback

ALLOWING OTHERS TO HAVE “YOUR” WAY! – Negotiating and Positioning to Influence

One Day Workshop

Honing your influencing and negotiation skills can increase your performance – consistently giving you more favorable outcomes. Negotiation is more than price and timing, it’s not only position or added value, finalising contracts and terms and conditions – it’s the fully integrated approach to everything you do to influence favourable outcomes within your job role and with your peers.

‘Allowing Others to Have “YOUR” Way – Negotiating and Positioning to Influence‘ is one of the core programs in NAWO’s suite of ‘Members Only’ Professional Development Programs, presented by talkforce.

What you will learn:

  • What is the difference between negotiation and influence?
  • Discover the key differences between influence and negotiation.
    What makes someone effective at influencing and negotiating?
  • Setting objectives – this is crucial in order to set your strategy for the negotiation.
  • Gathering information – why are you coming to the negotiation table? Exactly what is it that you want?
  • Understand the stakeholders – whether you’re making a deal or settling a dispute, differences are defined by the difference between your thinking and theirs.
  • Develop your strategy – through thorough preparation.
  • Develop influencing tactics – positioning language to influence.
  • Effective execution – verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Application to your world in operations.

Facilitator – Julie Holman

Based in Sydney Australia, talkforce is a successful leadership and people development company and for over 20 years has been operating nationally and internationally.

Julie has spent over 13 years at talkforce imparting training and knowledge in all areas related to influence. Julie’s negotiation and sales skills in conjunction with her passion for working with people to strive towards achieving a shared goal gained great success.

Julie has an in-depth knowledge of influencing and negotiating, a natural rapport with people and an enthusiastic approach to training. Julie is also an accredited practitioner of Life Style Inventory (LSI) and Group Style Inventory (GSI), DiSC and has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

About talkforce

Christopher Whitnall, Managing Director of talkforce, started the business in 1993, with a vision to establish an organisation delivering tailored training, targeted to the specific needs of the client and/or individual.

In 1995 Christopher was joined by David Borean (talkforce 1995-2008) and together they built a business focused on advancing the communication skills of people in the workplace through innovative adult learning methodologies.

Talkforce has grown into a dynamic people development company, offering a range of Leadership, Communication, Coaching, Facilitation and Training services, supported by an innovative online digital platform that sustains face-to-face learning and creates powerful learning and development outcomes for participants.

Cost for NAWO Members*

$700 per person + GST

We offer NAWO endorsed programs at a reduced cost.
The cost of this program is not covered by your corporate/individual membership.


Download Brochure: Allowing Others to Have YOUR Way Brochure

For more information please contact NAWO Programs Consultant, Allison Dodd: E T 0405 209 982 or  contact us.

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