Creating Unstoppable Teams


“We have conversations every day – some run of the mill, some serious, some important, even life changing.  As leaders, the most powerful and valuable conversations are those that are robust – conversations that make a difference.” – Jennifer Elliott

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Get ready to look at yourself like never before!

Have you got what it takes to create unstoppable teams? One of the most difficult things to do as a leader is to take a good honest look at yourself, no matter how painful.

Designed specifically for senior leaders, Creating Unstoppable Teams is NAWO’s newest members-only* program. Its objective is not to ‘help’ you, rather it aims to hold up a mirror to you and your goals and keep you honest. Get ready for truly insightful leadership!

Discover invaluable perception into your leadership strengths.

Access tools to fix ‘gaps’ in your leadership skills base.

Develop literacy in the language of successful leadership

Cultivate your ability as an insightful leader, capable of generating unstoppable teams!


Creating Unstoppable Teams has been constructed around three of NAWO’s five key learning pillars, which our research has identified as the areas where operational women benefit most from additional learning:

Personal confidence & courage

Negotiation & influencing

Authentic leadership

Insightful leadership – the ability to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your team – is central to creating unstoppable teams. At the commencement of this ten month program, all participants will complete an online profile to reveal gaps and areas for improvement whilst also identifying core strengths. It provides powerful understanding into management and leadership capabilities, clearly highlighting what strategic interventions can be made and the type of training and development that needs to take place for each individual to achieve both the organisation’s goals and their own.

This program also challenges participants to harness the language of leadership – the ability to ‘read’ and connect with your team, communicate your vision and values, tackle the tough conversations… and have fun.

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Creating Unstoppable Teams is presented by Integrity and Values, acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading organisational change companies. Integrity and Values works with executive teams across Australia, delivering workshops and ongoing coaching services. Their consultants are passionate about the human dimension of the change process.


For more information please contact NAWO Programs Consultant, Allison Dodd: E T 0405 209 982 or  contact us.

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