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December 22, 2015
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February 1, 2016
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Great excitement and optimism for 2016!

By Louise Weine, NAWO National Director

As I watched my girls lug their backpacks through the school gates this morning, their excitement (as well as a little uncertainty) showing on their little faces as they waved and popped off to their new classes, I felt relieved and excited all at the same time! Relieved to get life into a rhythm again after a gloriously long summer break and excited, for my girls who are heading into new stages in their school lives, and for me as I can now shift back into 1st gear at NAWO and focus on making my small, but meaningful contribution to shaping a workplace I want my children to be able to experience when their schooling finishes and their careers commence.

Contributing to my excitement is the optimism I feel, driven by the obvious shift occurring in societal paradigms in our own backyard. David Morrison AO becoming Australian of the Year, and the shortlist containing Elizabeth Broderick and Catherine McGregor is hugely indicative of the community’s desire for greater gender equality in all aspects of Australian Life. Rosie Batty’s achievements in advocating for real and tangible change in domestic violence sets a very high bar, but David Morrisson has a good high jump record!

The partnership between David Morrisson and Elizabeth Broderick is a fabulous example of women and men working together, collaboratively, to change attitudes and behaviour with respect to women at work. This collaboration is exactly what NAWO looks to inspire within each and every member organisation.

NAWO’s objective is to support our members in filling the female talent pool, by providing a network of likeminded companies and people, to facilitate conversation and learning. We look to inspire action and bring men and women together to proactively shape their workplace and industries and be able to proudly recommend them to their children – regardless of gender!

Keep your eye on the NAWO website for all our 2016 events and programs!

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