August 18, 2016
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August 21, 2016
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Orora – taking charge in times of change

Image – Mandy Ponnusamy and Lou Walker test Orora products

From Josephine Hansen
Logistics Officer, BlueScope Australia and New Zealand
Member of NAWO’s Queensland State Committee

On the 21st of July Orora Limited, a Gold NAWO Corporate Member, proudly held their first Quick Bite event in QLD at their Fibre Packaging plant in Rocklea. The event headline, ‘Taking Charge in Times of Change’, proved very popular with 55 guests attending the event from diverse businesses such as Incitec Pivot, Officeworks and Workwear Group.

Chris Zyner

Chris Zyner addressing the group

Orora’s General Manager of Human Resources for Fibre Packaging, Christopher Zyner, gave an in-depth and honest account of the challenges Orora has faced in turning around business performance. Recognising the need to adapt and anticipate industry headwinds, Orora has gone through significant changes. Breaking away from a traditionally more risk adverse business culture, Orora has focused on developing its own authentic leadership style working hard to strengthen its employee relationships. Trusting in the power of true collaboration, Chris shared how Orora has greatly benefited from a renewed approach toward employee engagement where change is now strongly inspired and driven from the shop floor.

Nicola Washbourn and Shane Hughes

Nicola Washbourn and Shane Hughes presenting

Shane Hughes, founder and Principal of Mawson Consulting, complemented Chris’ presentation perfectly by offering a thought provoking external perspective on authentically leading during times of change. Reflecting on his own experience within different organisations, he highlighted the importance of understanding the perceptions of others to effectively evoke change and achieve business objectives. Authentic leaders will create a genuinely collaborative workforce when they are able to appreciate that team members will have differing opinions based on the unique ways they perceive their environment.

Following the presentations and Q&A session, attendees were invited to a site tour of Orora’s Fibre Packaging plant where a range of corrugated cardboard boxes, packaging and displays are manufactured for brands across Australia. Participants gained a greater understanding of fibre packaging and the pride Orora takes in producing it.

Tim Wall, Blue & Josephine Hansen

Tim Wall & Josephine Hansen with ‘Blue’

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