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Taking control of conversations

Image: Attendees getting a ‘hand’ to take control of conversations!

By Tania Montesin
Regional Manufacturing Operations Manager Northern, Asahi Beverages
NAWO NSW State Committee Member

left to right: Tracey Wagner, Kylie Fraser and Tania Montesin

Left to right: Tracey Wagner, Kylie Fraser and Tania Montesin

On behalf of the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO), Asahi Beverages Huntingwood Operations hosted a successful Professional Development Event on the topic of “Taking Control of Conversations” on 22nd September 2016. The Huntingwood Team welcomed over 70 participants for this event including interstate colleagues from Asahi Queensland and Albury. Our full agenda began with a tour of the manufacturing facility.

The aim of this event was to address ways to maximise output and effectiveness of conversations at various levels through influencing and negotiating techniques. Learning from successful guest speakers as well as a very interactive workshop to explore various tools and paradigms were included as part of the day’s program.  With a tremendous opportunity to network with professional women across a wide range of organisations and industries over lunch.

We had the pleasure of hearing from very successful women in the industry including our L&CO General Manager, Tracey Wagner, and Kylie Fraser, CEO of BevFreight. Both Tracey and Kylie shared some of their key learnings and successes around the learning theme of ‘influencing and negotiating’ through specific examples from their careers. Tracey Wagner brought to life principles of Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits’ through a specific career example that she personally experienced. Kylie Fraser shared inspiring experiences and learnings and shared details of her career journey. The learning from both speakers was genuinely enriching.

Jennifer Elliot

Jennifer Elliot

Jennifer Elliot, CEO of Integrity and Values, energised the room with a fantastic workshop session that challenged the traditional thoughts around the topic of having courageous conversations. Demonstrative activities and tools were explored through the session.

Overall the Huntingwood Team and NAWO delivered an inspirational career development event!



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Touring the Asahi facilities

Touring the Asahi facilities


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