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November 23, 2016
February 2, 2017
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You are responsible!

The perfect end to a fabulous event - SPC's new Perfect Fruit 100% frozen fruit ices! L-R: Sarah Cartlidge, Brandon Hall, Debby Murray of SPC, with Lousie Weine - NAWO's National Director, and Jenny Gillam - NAWO VIC State Committee Member

Key Learnings from NAWO VIC Quick Bite, 7 December 2016, hosted by SPC: Have your best year ever in 2017

What would your best 12 months look like?

Louise Weine - NAWO's National Director, enoying a Quick Bite!

Louise Weine – NAWO’s National Director, enoying a Quick Bite!

Achieving your goals – work and life? Getting plenty of exercise? Working with a great team? Nurturing your relationships? Getting plenty of sleep? All of the above… and more?

Katrina Bromell, Productivity Coach (YB12), soon had her whiteboard filled with the hopes and dreams of guests who had come to celebrate the festive season with NAWO and get set for their best year ever in 2017. Then she asked: ‘What’s stopping you?’.


Yep. Just do it. Fortunately, she was also able to offer sound insight into what’s stopping us: the ‘Failure Cycle’. As she stepped us through the cycle – 1. Excitement at the possibility of that fabulous new idea 2. the Avoidance Behaviour and 3. the Excuses, then finally 4. BLAME – the muffled laughter and groans were confirmation that we’d all ‘been there, done that’.

As she launched into the 4 Reasons For Procrastination, Katrina shared one of the many inspiring quotes that peppered her presentation with more laughter, ‘if it is to be, it’s up to me!’:

  1. Wrong goals/goals not written down
  2. Unclear focus
  3. No action plan
  4. Neural barriers

So what lies behind procrastination? History. Katrina cited research that found a whopping 90% of our thoughts are focussed on the past before reminding us that, on a timeline stretching from past to future,  NOW is the only moment that we actually have the power to do something. Acknowledging our inherent resistance to change, Katrina worked through tangible strategies for discovering and mastering the thoughts that can hold us back from achieving our goals. She suggested creating a vision with pulling power when considering our current reality versus our preferred reality, becoming more ‘other people centred’ and working to develop ‘mind mastery’:  ‘what you think, you become’.

Katrina’s closing words are a worthy mantra: ‘Live above the line. Don’t blame other people’.  A solid reminder that each of us has the power to create our own success.

Special thanks to the team at SPC for hosting this event at their stunning new premises.

Katrina Brommell - Productivity Coach (YB12), with Louise Weine National Director, NAWO

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