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July 12, 2017
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Image: Ron Gibson had the audience enthralled at NAWO’s WA Quick Bite hosted by Linfox

NAWO’s recent WA Quick Bite hosted by Linfox, ‘Networking your way to influence & success‘ was an outstanding success, attracting 40 guests and achieving an impressive overall feedback score of 4.52 (out of 5). Thanks to Jasmine Smith – Administration Assistant Accounting Orders, Growth & Innovation, Rio Tinto and NAWO WA State Committee member,  for providing the following event summary…



Networking. If you don’t like this word, you aren’t the only one.


On the 12th of July, Linfox hosted approximately 40 people for NAWO’s Networking Your way to Influence & Success Quick Bite event at the Hazelmere site and were gracious enough to take 20 of those people on a site tour.

The guest speaker, Ron Gibson, explored why networking is a distasteful word, and what we should really be doing is making friends. The event was relaxed and Ron enthralled the guests with personal stories of how his methods helped him build a relationship with his wife.

When meeting new people Ron suggested that we should “walk away with something nice to do for them”. There are 3 key things that we should remember when meeting a new person:

  1. I wonder who I could introduce them to
  2. I wonder what piece of information I can offer them
  3. I wonder how I can help this person

If you can answer these three questions when you walk away, you will have made a more genuine connection. Successful networking, according to Ron, is more about giving than it is about receiving.

It is also important to invest time into your existing relationships. It takes 82 days to fall off somebody’s radar, which means that you will no longer be in their thoughts when things like job opportunities, information or other opportunities that might suit you come up. In order to remain in somebody’s radar, Ron suggests making regular contact through sharing articles, commenting on LinkedIn articles, organising a coffee/lunch/drinks catch up, emailing to congratulate milestones, and attending regular group events (such as NAWO Quick Bite events).

Ron left us with 3 things we should do regularly to maintain our relationships:

  1. Every day, reach out to somebody in your network.
  2. Do something nice for somebody in your network once a week, with no agenda.
  3. Go somewhere once a week where you will be able to meet somebody new.

The event ended with an afternoon tea and a chance for the attendees to practice their newly gained networking skills. Linfox did an amazing job at making NAWO and its members feel welcome.

left to right: Jasmine Smith, Ron Gibson, Anna Dartnell

Jasmine introducing the guest speaker

Feedback from the event was impressive!


Sending out a warm welcome to new Silver member @KelloggCompany from the NAWO network! Such a great company and brand committed supporting women develop their careers and move the dial on gender balance in operations. #inspirationatwork #operations #genderbalance

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