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August 24, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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Changing minds – power influencing and interest based negotiating

NAWO VIC’s recent Quick Bite was for those of us who dive for cover at the mention of conflict and break out in a sweat at the thought of negotiating. Thanks to Jenny Gillam – Director, Jenny Gillam Consulting & NAWO VIC State Committee Chair, for providing the key learnings from this event…

On the 9th August, Asahi Beverages hosted a highly engaging Quick Bite event at their Tullamarine site. After having an opportunity to network over a yummy breakfast, we enjoyed listening to two very engaging presentations.

Wayne Angus Chief Supply Chain Officer, Asahi, provided a very entertaining presentation on the six principles of influencing:

  • Reciprocity – people are obliged to give back to others the type of service gift or behaviour that they have received first.
  • Scarcity – people want more of things they can have less of.
  • The principle of authority – people follow the lead of credible, knowledgeable experts
  • Consistency- people like to be consistent with the things they have said or done.
  • Liking – people prefer to say yes to people they like.
  • Consensus – especially when they are uncertain, people will look to the actions and behaviours of others to determine their own.

Further reading

Anna Reid, Regional Operations Manager – Southern, Asahi, who together with her team organised the event, spoke about Interest Based Negotiation. She and Maria  Petrovski provided some very tangible examples of how they are using Interest Based Negotiating techniques in a range of circumstances, including their Enterprise Bargaining negotiations. They are finding the approach, although it is still early days, to be effective in building trust and engaging employees to work together to achieve great business solutions.

An overview of the Interest guide book:

  1. Agree approach
  2. People – separate the people from the problem
  3. Interests – focus on interests
  4. Options – invent options for mutual gain
  5. Criteria – insist on using objective criteria

References on this topic include:

Book: ‘Getting to Yes


Consultancy: Cosolve

The presentations were followed by a tour of the site which, by all accounts, provided an interesting insight into Asahi’s operations at Tullamarine.

Thanks to Asahi for hosting an engaging, inspiring event.

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