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August 25, 2017
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YOU WHO?  Will the real you please step forward! 

Guests at NAWO NSW’s August 10 Quick Bite, generously hosted by Diageo, discussed not only the importance of bringing your ‘true’ self to work but also the flipside of this – finding the right workplace, where you can be YOU. Thanks to Kamini Wijekulasuriya, WSSC Manufacturing Manager, Bluescope Steel and member of the NAWO NSW State Committee for the key learnings from this event…




Another fantastic and fully booked Quick Bite event was held on site at Diageo Huntingwood.

The event started with a tour around the bottling and warehouse facility.  The tour was appreciated and enjoyed by all who went on it.

Andrew Cummings, Managing Director, George Weston Foods – Tip Top, was the inspiring keynote speaker, and an interactive Q&A forum with some of Diageo’s early career women questioned and discussed with a panel of senior Diageo executives the power of honest feedback and coaching during your career, and how Diageo focuses on strength based development.  Senior dDiageo panellists were Jane Franks – HR Director, Tony Rogers – Supply Director, and Kylie McPherson – CR/Legal Director.

A variety of questions were raised with the diverse panel, with great answers and discussions based on their experience.

Some key items that resonated with the group were:

Key attributes of an authentic leader?

  • Being your true self while being and working close to purpose at all times.
  • Being open and honest in coaching and giving and receiving feedback.

Authentic leadership skills?

  • Be confident, consistent, courageous, open, honest and transparent.
  • Be yourself and authentic when dealing with a difficult situation.
  • Be open and honest, don’t be afraid to have the difficult conversation.
  • Put yourself in others’ shoes and understand what they want to drive.
  • If you are not genuine about being authentic people will see through you.
  • Important to put yourself out there and, most of all, take the chance – be authentic.
  • Utilise your own and your team member strengths to leverage and have a good discussion instead of focussing on the gaps and being negative.
  • Refer to one’s development in relation to the 70/20/10 rule: 70% learnt on the job, 20% through coaching and feedback, 10% development training programs.

In summary, those who succeed as an authentic leader have an inquisitive mind, take chances and are well aligned with their own leader’s safety net.

Thanks again to our generous host, Diageo!

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