August 25, 2017
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September 13, 2017
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Fail More to Succeed More?

Image: The panel in action (L-R) Kristan De Sousa, Craig Liddy, Dr Anna Jenkins, Kartini Oei

Could failing be the key to your success? This was the question posed at a recent QLD Quick Bite event. Thanks to Kartini Oei, Chair of NAWO’s QLD State Committee, for providing the following recap of the event…

At some point in our lives, the seeds to fear failure are planted and, for some, they often rear their ugly head later in life and prevent us from taking a leap towards our next role or making a career change.  NAWO QLD’s latest Quick Bite held on the 2 Aug 2017, was fully booked as an exceptional panel of speakers explored this topic across three key themes: what a fear of failure actually looks like; why do we fear and should we fear failure; and how do we manage any fear we experience. BP Australia was delighted to host approximately 50 attendees at their Brisbane office.

The panellists each brought a different perspective to the topic. Kristan De Sousa from Six Degrees Executive was able to draw on her experience across many industries and organisations that she supports to fill key roles. Dr Anna Jenkins from The University of Queensland was able to share from her research into entrepreneurs and what allows them to run towards failure time and time again. Craig Liddy from Dyno AP and Incitec Pivot was able to bring his own observations from a career that spans across being an employee to being a senior executive.

Some key themes from the panel included:

  • Everyone experiences a fear of failure!
  • Context is really important to how much one fears or if they fear at all?
  • Being open about your failure in interviews or within organisations is fine, as long as you focus on the positive side of it.
  • Defining what you are willing to ‘lose’ if the worst case happens can help give one the courage to try
  • Have confidence in the value of your skills and experience.  Ask trusted colleagues/mentors to help you articulate and define these if you are unsure.
  • And sometimes you just have to have raw courage and give something a go.

The audience was left considering if fearing more would be the next step to landing their dream role as they moved into an afternoon of networking…

(L-R) Josephine Rahman, Kartini Oei, Craig Liddy, Dr Anna Jenkins, Kristan De Sousa

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