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December 1, 2017
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The DIY Leadership Tool Belt

Picture… a ‘manager’. What do they look like? How do they behave? What is their leadership style? Is your imaginary manager also a leader? These  questions were posed at NAWO’s recent QLD event, ‘the DIY leadership Toolbelt’, held at Bunnings (a Gold NAWO Corporate Member), the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living production in Australia and New Zealand. The event was held at Bunnings’ Lytton Business Distribution Centre. Thanks to Janelle Weidon – Customer Service Manager, Orora Fibre Packaging and NAWO QLD Committee member, for providing this overview of the event.

NAWO and Bunnings welcomed 38 women from various organisations to a lovely afternoon with guest speakers Margaret Walford and Zoe Richards, both Area Managers with Bunnings,  sharing their insights into Authentic Leadership.

It can be hard to be what you can’t see. Women currently hold 27.4% of key management positions in Australia. And that number falls with every step you take up the corporate ladder – just 15.4% of CEOs and 14.2% of company Chairs are women (WGEA). With so few women in leadership positions as role models, challenging our pre-conceptions of management and leadership style and embracing authenticity is important.

Discussion points:

  • In what situations do you feel less Authentic and why is that?
  • What Mirrors do you have to ensure your authenticity?
  • Your team is always watching you – be true to yourself in your leadership style.

Our guest speakers shared their personal examples of learning from others; taking charge during tough times even though they were new to the business; and of not being true to your leadership style by becoming a different person during a performance review.

Key Learnings and takeaways from the event:

  • Always be self aware
  • Identify your leadership purpose
  • Adopt a learning mindset
  • Accept feedback
  • Take time to reflect – have downtime where you are not thinking or completing tasks
  • Adapt your style but maintain your integrity – always be true to yourself
  • Know when to step up or step back as a leader


Margaret – “As leaders we are always learning and receiving learning messages from our team and others.”

Zoe – “Accept feedback and if you don’t get feedback seek it out. Feedback is great for learning and for you to see if you are being authentic in your leadership style.”

After the event there was a site tour of the distribution centre with some great information about safety and team inductions to ensure everyone (including contractors) are safe; recycling tips including recycling straps; and reviewing of working areas for the loading and unloading of containers.

Thanks, to all involved for making this event such a success!

Zoe Richards – Area Manager, Bunnings

Margaret Walford – Area Manager, Bunnings





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