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December 4, 2017
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ROAR! Courageous Prime and Wine Journeys

Image: Emma Norbiato, Monique Rossi, Sarah Minato and Emily Perkins

Being a woman working in male dominated agri-business can be challenging! How deep do you need to dig to find the confidence and courage needed to succeed… and flourish? The first event to be hosted by NAWO’s newly formed Riverina Committee attracted a big turnout and came with a disclaimer: “WARNING! You might gain the confidence to not only speak up, but to ROAR!”. Special thanks to Maria Ryan – Training and Development Coordinator, SunRice, and member of NAWO’s Riverina Committee, for providing the following review of the event…

TAFE NSW hosted a NAWO quick bite event ‘ROAR! Courageous Prime and Wine Journeys’ at their Griffith Campus on 16th November 2017.

The event focused on the NAWO Key Learning Priority of Personal Courage and Confidence.  The aim of the event being to hear how others have worked to build their confidence and have had the courage to progress in industries dominated by males in leadership roles.


Emily Perkins of JBS Feedlot

Emma Norbiato, Calabria Family Wines

Emily Perkins, Feedlot Manager from JBS’s Tabbita Feedlot, spoke about her career progression from university graduate to her current management role within JBS Australia.  Emily talked about the many times she called on her own personal courage and confidence and the steps she took to achieve career success within a male dominated industry. Emily spoke highly of the importance of mentors, providing many examples of how mentors had supported her career journey and helped her to find the courage she needed to succeed.

Emma Norbiato, Wine Maker at Calabria Family Wines, shared her inspiring story of courage and confidence. Born and raised in Griffith NSW, Emma studied and worked in a variety of locations within Australia and overseas to continue to expand her knowledge and industry skills.  Emma has achieved extraordinary success in another male dominated industry, being named Winemaker of the Year in 2016 in the Australian Women in Wine Awards.  Emma spoke about needing to find great courage after a personal tragedy to keep pursuing her goals, and described the challenges of managing her role and family life during the vintage period. She spoke about the demands of this time and the strategies she has implemented, with the support of her family, to find a balance between her professional and family life.

Both speakers provided inspirational accounts of the career progression and the steps they had taken, drawing on their personal courage and confidence, to achieve success within their chosen industries. Their stories were a valuable inclusion in this Quick Bite event and were widely praised by those who attended the session.

This was the first event coordinated by the recently formed Riverina Regional NAWO Committee.  As an introduction and welcome to the first event, the committee members were involved in a panel discussion. This discussion was a general introduction to committee members and an opportunity to discuss and explore their thoughts on personal confidence, along with a few tips on how they have been able to build their own confidence.

Close to 80 people attended the event and the feedback post the event was extremely positive.  Attendees very much enjoyed the opportunities to hear stories of courage and confidence from speakers as well as to have the opportunity to network with others within the region.

Amanda, Monique Rossi, Belinda Johns, Sarah Minato

The DeBortoli Team






Emily Perkins and Andrea Cromack

Jenna Thomas (TAFE)

Josie Marks, Sarah Barber, Megan Mulrooney





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