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Insights from Uber about the gender pay gap

By Megan McCracken – General Manager – Safety, People & Corporate Affairs, Arc Infrastructure; NAWO National Chair


Take a listen:


If you are heading up strategy around gender pay parity I highly recommend that you listen to this when you get a chance. Or read the transcript on the webpage above.  The podcast is 37mins.

The original paper is also attached to the webpage above.

Then, start thinking about the implications this research has for how we understand the role of gender in pay.

In summary:

  • Despite the gender blind pay algorithms at Uber.
  • Despite the full flexibility of hours at Uber.
  • Men still earnt 7% more than women per hour, based on their productivity per hour.
  • It seems that women are just as likely to work the money earning shifts as men however as they work fewer hours overall, and are more likely to quit driving after 6 months than men, they are not learning how to seek out greater productivity per shift as fast as men.
  • One of the reasons may be that the social restrictions on women and expectation of a greater responsibility at home may contribute to the lower number of hours, therefore the slower gaining of knowledge how to earn more per hour.
  • Men are doing vastly more trips per hour and learn to reject/accept the most lucrative trips faster.  (they also drive faster than women…)
  • Think about the implications of this for other workplaces.
  • Also, listen right to the end for a fascinating discussion on the gender distribution of tips since they introduced tipping last year at Uber in the US.  This data wasn’t part of the above study but will form another study.

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