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February 27, 2018
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March 1, 2018
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Goals, obstacles and transitions: having what it takes

Image: L-R Jade Edmistone, Natasha O’Kelly and Davina Shearer – Diversity and Inclusion Adviser, Incitec Pivot Ltd and NAWO QLD State Committee Member

What drives people to achieve seemingly impossible goals, smash through obstacles and prosper during major life transitions?  This was what the attendees to QLD’s first NAWO Quick Bite for 2018 pondered.  Thanks to Kartini Oei, Transformation Manager – ANZ, Air BP and Chair of NAWO’s QLD State Committee, for providing the following recap of the event…

L-R: Louise Weine – National Director, NAWO;  Tim Wall – General Manager, Caltex Lyttton Refinery and NAWO Board Member; Kartini Oei and Jade Edmistone

NAWO QLD members were absolutely privileged to hear Jade Edmistone, a Commonwealth Games and World Champion medallist, share her story from the highs of swimming, to the lows of transitioning to a ‘normal life’ and to the brave and inspirational individual she is today.  Her story was full of seemingly impossible goals she achieved, including being the fastest woman in the world, making the Australian Swim Team and getting her name on her swim cap, and the raw honesty of her private battles.  Jade invited and guided us to have a conversation about success, failure, identity, mental health and obstacles, both within the room and, I suspect, long after.

Jade generously offered the audience some thoughts, the highlights of which include:

  • There is no magic simple formula for goals, but the following works for her
    1. Set the intent
    2. Commit to it
    3. Act on it
    4. Learn
    5. Adjust
  • There needs to be a balance between your peak physical health and peak mental health
  • Control the controllable and cope with the uncontrollable.
  • It is part of your life, it’s not you.
  • I am.  FULLSTOP
  • Believe that it is possible
  • Focus on what you can deliver, not others
  • Recognise your own triggers and know when to seek help.

Further information on Jade Edmistone is available at her website

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