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May 2, 2018
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What’s your killer elevator pitch for ‘THE ONE’?

Image: The panel introduced themselves with their own Elevator Pitch

If you were to meet the person who could boost your career and unlock your personal dreams, how would you grab their attention and make them remember you? Kylie Bridger, Product Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark and member of NAWO’s NSW State Committee, shares insights on this topic from our recent NSW event, ‘What’s your killer elevator pitch for ‘THE ONE’?‘…

What are your leadership beliefs and values? What drives you? And how can you use them to develop your ‘Elevator Pitch’, to ensure you have a message that is compelling and authentic, even if you only have 60 seconds to introduce yourself? These are just some of the questions the attendees reflected on at NAWO’s latest quick bite session, hosted by PepsiCo.

The session started with a panel discussion, with PepsiCo team members; Olivia Sutherland, Senior Marketing Manager PepsiCo, Irina Orekhova, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Bluebird Food Ltd, NZ and Chris Lang, Chief Legal Counsel.

The panel introduced themselves with their own Elevator Pitch, and then went on to share some fascinating insights into challenges they have faced in their careers, that helped define their leadership values. The challenges were diverse, including how you lead when you have relocated to a country with a very different culture, through to how to manage when you are working for a company that has very different values to your own.

The attendees were then lucky to hear from Robbert Rietbroek, CEO of PepsiCo ANZ. Robbert had just recently accepted a promotion to lead Quaker’s Oats in America, and on the weekend prior to the Quick Bite session had flown to Chicago. Robbert was still keen to talk at the NAWO session, and so delivered his keynote speech live via video conference. Robbert shared his leadership beliefs, and lots of stories from his extensive career, which has included a global relocation on average every 2-3 years!

Some of the key take-outs from Robbert’s speech and the Panel interviews included:

  • Be your authentic best self at work; you will be more comfortable if you are true to yourself
  • You may need to take time out to truly understand what your leadership beliefs are
  • Leading in good times is easy, but understanding your leadership beliefs and values can really help in the difficult times

Towards the end of the session, there was an opportunity for everyone to develop their own Elevator Pitch, and practice it with other attendees during the networking session.

Thanks to everyone who attended. We hope you found this event motivating and interesting. We look forward to seeing you at another of our great events soon.

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