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May 30, 2018
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Project ‘i’ intern shines light on waste reduction possibilities at Asahi

“Lyn is very committed and a pleasure to host, her passion for Environmental Engineering really shines through.” – Alex, Asahi

NAWO in conjunction with PATH4 Graduates has developed Project ‘i’ – a project-based, paid internship program for female university students. Interns are placed within within NAWO member organisations and the initiative aims to attract talented women to operational careers. We are very proud to share stories from our interns. In this case study, Lyn shares her experience as an intern with Asahi Beverages…

Project: Waste Reduction Analysis

Intern: Lyn M. L

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Specialization in Sustainable Development

Company: ASAHI Victoria

Duration: 6 months

Alex Satakovski – Manager, Asahi:  “Lyn has been a great addition to the team and added value in different ways. She Developed an Executive Summary, and a Loss and Waste report which identifies opportunities for capturing actions by the business.”

Lyn has aided my business unit by having a focused effort into researching our waste streams and promoting an awareness to Asahi employees and management. Lyn is very committed and a pleasure to host, her passion for Environmental Engineering really shines through. She has represented your organization well.

Lyn shares feedback and details about her project…

Can you please describe your project?

My project at Asahi beverages is on waste management. Waste streams may include electricity, natural gas and water usage, and solid waste generation. After doing some analysis on the different waste streams, I decided to focus on solid waste removal. After further investigation and research, I decided to focus on implementing a waste segregation system throughout the site that can be implemented at other sites of the business. I am also working together with other colleagues on purchasing equipment that will allow us to dispose of waste more efficiently, which would bring other advantages such as minimizing the impact it has on the environment.

What have been some of your achievements with the project?

The first big achievement was probably the time when I was asked by my boss to prepare a report for him to take to the management meeting containing results of the analysis that I have done and some recommendations the business could implement to meet their new targets. The feedback received gave me the additional confidence to see through this project. Participating in Hazard and Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) study was also another key achievement even though it may not be directly related to my project. It was not something that every intern would be able to experience and I was glad to be given the opportunity that got me to think deeper.

What have you found interesting?

Working in the manufacturing industry for the first time was definitely an eye opener for me. Personally, learning about each step of the production line till a finished product is made was the most interesting to me. The reason is that each time I visited the shops, I have always wondered about how all these products that exist as a big part of our lives are manufactured on such a large scale. There is definitely a lot for me to learn and I am constantly learning something new, which keeps me interested and love what I am doing at Asahi.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt professionally and personally during your time at ASAHI?

As an intern gaining experience in a new industry, I knew I had to step up and take initiative to find out what I need to know to be able to understand what is currently done. What has been highlighted to me the most is the importance of communication within the organization. It was never always smooth and easy but the key thing I learnt from here was to always be proactive and chase up in order to get the help I needed.

Project ‘i’ offers NAWO Corporate Members the opportunity to apply for an intern to complete a suitable project in an operational function within their business. Projects must have clearly defined outcomes and objectives, and be able to be completed by the intern on a flexible basis in conjunction with their university studies. Want to know more? CLICK HERE

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