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Real-world experience to build the female talent pipeline

Image: Cindy at work at Diageo in Victoria

“I’m helping out with trying to reduce waste produced which is really interesting. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, I’m learning lots and I’m loving it!” – Cindy, Project i Intern

NAWO in conjunction with PATH4 Graduates has developed Project ‘i’ – a project-based, paid internship program for female university students. Interns are placed within NAWO member organisations and the initiative aims to attract talented women to operational careers. We are very proud to share stories from our interns. In this case study, Cindy shares her experience as an intern with Diageo (a subsidiary of Asahi)…

Name: Cindy
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and Bachelor of Commerce
Company: Diageo/ASAHI Victoria
Project: Liquid and Material Waste reduction
Duration: 4 months – ongoing

 Can you please describe your project?

I was involved in the BOD reduction project but that has currently ended now I am assisting with other projects in Bulkstore like developing a spreadsheet for RFT.

What have been some of your achievements with the project?

Some of the achievements I have made are developing a cost tracker to calculate/predict the cost of treatment for the next quarter and identify the cause of the increase in our waste cost.

What have you found the most interesting?

The most interesting part was working out with the team to find the root cause and learning from the operators how our manufacturing process was. It was fascinating to gain new knowledge of what was happening within our process and the know-hows.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt professionally and personally during your time at Diageo?

During my time at Diageo, I realised how important team work is and that for a project to succeed, every individual needs to cooperate with each other and share one goal.  It is also important for everyone to be able to share their opinion and the solution provided must work for both the operators and management.  I’ve also learnt how important it is to have a good line operator involved in a project as you can gather a lot of information about the production line from them and their know-hows. Not only this but they can also help to drive of the project and motivate other operators to co-operate and work towards the goal together.

Furthermore, CAPEX also plays a big part in the direction of where the project is going and that sometimes not all of the project goes our way.

Project ‘i’ offers NAWO Corporate Members the opportunity to apply for an intern to complete a suitable project in an operational function within their business. Projects must have clearly defined outcomes and objectives, and be able to be completed by the intern on a flexible basis in conjunction with their university studies. Want to know more? CLICK HERE

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