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Tips and tricks for better work life balance

image: Naz Asker (left) providing terrific tips and tricks for creating work-life balance.

How do I achieve work life balance? This question can be harder to answer than “Why did the dinosaurs die out?”. However Naz Asker, Head of Execution and Enablement BHP, was happy to share her invaluable insights at NAWO’s recent QLD Quick Bite. Special thanks to Toni Dugdale, Community Relations & Communications Advisor, Caltex Refineries (QLD) and member of NAWO’s Qld State Committee, for summing up…

Great NAWO session in Brisbane yesterday, hosted by Caltex, with Naz Asker, Head of Execution and Enablement BHP as our guest speaker sharing her insights into ‘navigating work life balance: what does it mean and how are we achieving it’.

It was great to see over 50 people in the room (and one fabulous supportive male!) from a variety of industries, networking, and engaging in peer to peer discussion around what work life balance means and how each of us can strive to accomplish it.

Naz discussed the importance of, and how she balances, family, work, health and growth, and shared her personal experiences and lessons in each segment with us. I’m sure her key lessons resonate with us all in some way:


  • As work and life demands shift, shift your thinking and expectations too;
  • it’s okay not to be perfect, don’t set the bar too high on striving for work/life balance;
  • turn off your mobile when you are on leave, and don’t call others if you know that they are on leave.

My health and well-being:

  • prioritise self-first;
  • know when to ask for help and talk to people who have your best interests at heart;
  • cultivate a positive attitude and balance in work and life through gratitude, mental and physical wellbeing;
  • and prioritise sleep!


  • don’t eat lunch at your desk;
  • don’t be afraid to ask: people aren’t mind readers;
  • don’t aim for perfection, it’s not normal, aim for the 80/20 rule;
  • don’t assume, take the time to listen;
  • and learn when it’s okay to say no – create a ‘not to do’ list and revisit it regularly for revision or updating.

Growth, learning and giving back:

  • cultivate a growth mindset and shift negative self-talk;
  • ask for feedback and use it as a growth opportunity;
  • see unknowns as opportunity;
  • help others!

Concluding, Naz was fabulous and her open generosity in sharing her story and life passions was infectious.

So remember: cultivate a growth mindset and shift negative self-talk; do not be afraid of being vulnerable and it’s okay not to be great at everything; always be tuned into the ‘self-discovery’ channel – request feedback, and treat it as a gift to learn from; see big unknowns as learning and development opportunities, and never say no to a promotion because you do not fulfill 100% of the requirements; prioritise yourself – put you at the top of your ‘to do’ list.

After Naz stepped down we split into small multi discipline groups.  Each group had a range of ages/stages in our careers/leadership levels/with or without children and a variety of other differences.  This melting pot enabled some great peer-to-peer discussion around what work-life balance means to each of us.  Of course, this is different for us all, and by sharing our experiences, good and bad, we were able to know its okay to not be okay, to listen and learn and share and make new friends who can help us.

I’m looking forward to putting into practice some of Naz’s golden rules, along with some ideas from our group discussion so that I, too, can have better work life balance 80% of the time… knowing the other 20% is out of my control and I just need to go with it, focusing on the things I can control to make my life, and those of my loved ones, better.

Don’t miss NAWO’s next QLD event on August 28: ‘Tasteful and authentic networking? Yes, there is such a thing!

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