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Project i intern gets to the source in operational role

NAWO, in conjunction with PATH4 Graduates, has developed Project ‘i’ – a project-based, paid internship program for female university students. Interns are placed within NAWO member organisations and the initiative aims to attract talented women to operational careers. We are very proud to share stories from our interns. In this case study, Madeleine shares her experience as an intern with Asahi in Albury…

Name: Madeleine 
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and Bachelor of Applied Chemistry
Company: ASAHI, Albury
Project: Materials Evaluation
Duration: 3 months

Can you please briefly describe your project?

I was employed by ASAHI Beverages, Albury, to analyse their water sources (mainly in QLD and WA). I will be comparing the total weekly rainfall over the past 12 months at those water sites, and comparing them to the volumes in the bore holes to determine how much water ASAHI should be getting and, if not, why are they not getting that required water. 

I also completed other smaller data analysis to identify the machine efficiency or crew efficiency based on product type or issues with machines. This helped ASAHI see which crews required more training so the manufacturing plant could become more efficient.

Interesting Parts of Project

I enjoyed working with real time data to analyse the manufacturing plants’ efficiency in terms of machine or crew. I also enjoyed graphing and analysing the rainfall patterns, as you could have seen by my giant colour coded spreadsheet with numerous tabs. My most favourite part would have been when I got to walk around, take pictures and talk to crews about the procedures they followed to complete a task so I could later put together an official work instruction.

Experience with Operational Environment

This experience has definitely opened my eyes into what manufacturing plants consist of and do in everyday life. Learning that one small issue could create a lot of downtime in the environment. I never knew that producing bottled water could cause so many issues. But they were fixable issues. 

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