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Creative solutions to data efficiency – Project i intern solves IT

Image: Cindy S at work at Asahi, Huntingwood

“I have always had an interest in computers and the evolution of technology. This project is a great opportunity to work with a quality organisation and supportive team.”

– Cindy, Project i Intern

NAWO, in conjunction with PATH4 Graduates, has developed Project ‘i’ – a project-based, paid internship program for female university students. Interns are placed within NAWO member organisations and the initiative aims to attract talented women to operational careers. We are very proud to share stories from our interns. In this case study, Cindy shares her experience as an intern with Asahi in Huntingwood…

Name: Cindy
Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology
Company: ASAHI, Huntingwood
Project: Data Integrity
Duration: 3 months

Can you please briefly describe your project?

My project aim is to document, analyse and manage factory efficiency data in OFS and LDS processes as well as ensuring that data integrity is maintained at the Huntingwood site.

Why did you choose your particular university degree?

I am a second year student currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology – Game Design and Development at Macquarie University. I have always had an interest in computers, the evolution of technology, and I have also been able to get my hands on coding (such as JavaScript) since I was young. This led me to discover that Information Technology is a perfect course for me as it heavily relies on the ability to use your creativity to solve problems.

How does Project i (this internship) relate to your interest in a future career in operations?

This project allows me to find any gaps that need improvement and find the best solution to solve that problem in order to improve the data efficiency. Analysing data and solving problems are important skills for an Information Technology student, therefore, I am definitely gaining an essential set of skills and experience for my future career operations.

What have you found the most interesting so far?

After just a few weeks of being part of this project, it has been a great opportunity to work with a quality organisation and supportive team. The most interesting part so far is seeing how OFS and LDS work and are used by the site team as well as observing how the manufacturing works and how important it is to maintain the efficiency of data integrity.

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