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November 28, 2018
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December 13, 2018
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Who is plotting your next career move?

Image: NAWO’s fabulous Riverina Regional Committee (left to right) Amy Billsborough, Sarah Minato, Maria Ryan, Nicole Martin, Marg Couch, Emily Perkins and Monique Rossi – smiling after another great NAWO Riverina event.

NAWO’s Riverina Regional Committee hosted its last event for the year in Leeton on Friday 30th November, ‘Who is plotting your next career move?‘ , which was generously hosted by SunRice, a Silver NAWO Corporate Member. Thanks to Maria Ryan, Training and Development Coordinator, SunRice, and NAWO Riverina Regional Committee Chair, for providing an overview of this event…

Around 40 participants gathered together for our last Quick Bite for 2018 to explore the question: ‘Who’s plotting your next career move?’.

Rebecca Rosato

Earlier this year, Rebecca Rosato, the keynote speaker for the event, made the bold move to start her own business so that she could further stretch herself and be in charge of where and what work she undertook.  Rebecca felt there was an opportunity to offer a service to small sized businesses who needed periodical HR and WH&S support services.  She also formed her own small boutique recruitment agency to meet the needs of the region.

Rebecca shared her career journey from the decision making process around what to study, to her first roles in HR after graduating in large corporations and within the government sector in Sydney, and then moving back to the Riverina.  Since that time she has worked for a number of small and large organisations, and each time has moved to expand her experiences but also to ensure her values match those of the employer.

Rebecca encouraged the audience to take advantage of development opportunities, both formal and informal, to help prepare them for their next step in their career.  She also believes that, in regional areas, making contact with prospective employers can help you forge and create the next perfect role for yourself.

Rebecca’s presentation was both informative and entertaining and the energy level rose when she outlined highlights of her career path to date.  Rebecca fielded some good questions about whether as a business owner she felt she had more control of the work-life balance.

Left to right: Amy Billsborough, Ellen Fitzgibbon, Rebecca Rosato

Rebecca was joined by Amy Billsborough, Analyst, CBA, and Ellen Fitzgibbon, Model Farm Manager, CopRice for a panel discussion.  Both Amy and Ellen shared their career paths to date, from the initial decision making process about career choices, and the decisions and opportunities that were made and taken for them to move into their current roles.  The unexpected turns experienced by both women in their careers demonstrated the extent of the talent and opportunities within Regional Australia.

The panel together explored the question of whether women were part of the answer to the region’s skills shortages.  Key discussion points included:

  • Encouraging more women to take on non-traditional roles such as trades. Examples demonstrated where this has provided great outcomes for some employers in the region.
  • Encouraging businesses to be more flexible, to understand and embrace the benefits of offering flexibility in attracting and retaining talent. Examples given by panel members from CBA and CopRice shared how this was a key factor in attracting employees to these organisations. This discussion included not only flexible hours, but the capacity to work from home, on short term and long-term basis.

After a lovely networking opportunity, NAWO Committee members Nicole Martin and Emily Perkins facilitated a session which encouraged attendees to consider what skills and experience they had from both personal and professional roles that could be transferred or built on to take the next step towards their career goals.  Attendees literally started to create a career map for themselves; they were asked to make this time for themselves to reflect and start to consider and plan where they would like to take their career.

The event close included an outline of the Riverina Committees plans for 2019, as well as a call out for others to host a NAWO event in the New Year.

A small number of attendees then enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a site tour of the nearby CopRice site.  The Site Manager, Antoine Corona, talked about site operations as participants toured the extrusion plant, and discusse CopRice’s positive growth in female representation in its 3 operations sites. The percentage of female employees has grown from 23 to 27% over the last 12 months.

Hearing key speakers share the possibilities combined with the opportunity to explore the possibilities for themselves and their organisations ensured the participants left feeling inspired for the future!

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