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March 5, 2019
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March 20, 2019
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I’m Totally Awesome at That

I’m Totally Awesome at That!

NAWO NSW kicked off 2019 with a sumptuous early morning breakfast hosted by Kimberley-Clark Australia before a warm welcome from Tina Busch, VP Human Resources APAC and a thoroughly engaging mini workshop by Elaine Krek on how to become more ‘dangerous’ by working to our strengths.

Through some careful planning and impeccable timing, Tina was able to join us after having just flown in from overseas, to share her story on progress toward gender diversity journey at Kimberly-Clark Australia.  Tina was very proud to tell us that diversity is part of their operating strategy and this year they have already achieved their 2020 goal for 30% representation of women in leadership, in fact they hit 35%!

Tina shared a few of their key diversity strategies including:

  • Diversity metrics are tied to bonus since 2010
  • Diversity is on the agenda at every Board meeting
  • Requesting diverse slates for interviews
  • Ensuring diverse interview panels
  • Talent practices are in place to continue to focus on gender balance
  • Initiatives to welcome new mums back to the workforce,

Tina was also quick to add that they still have more work to do.

Next up was Elaine Krek, founder of Prism Performance and facilitator of the new NAWO Professional development program – The Leadership Workout.  This event was a fabulous ‘taster’ for the full day workshop coming up in April.

Elaine’s presentation was packed full of videos, diagrams, practical frameworks and exercises so that everyone walked away with a better understanding of their strengths and key actions to take back to the workplace.

There were many priceless gems Elaine shared with us such as:

  • A Roger Federer video on how mastering and continuing to improve his strengths makes him so ‘dangerous’ and gives him the edge
  • The Lifesaver analogy – if you keep fighting against the rip/current you will tire and drown (metaphorically) – what are you going to turn around in order to go with the flow
  • We are all stars in our lifetime and weaknesses get in the way of our success – if we work on the tips of our stars (our strengths) we are brighter, more engaged and happier.
  • Elaine learned she didn’t get the job because of her Uni degree – she got it because she had been a ski instructor – she can lead diverse teams!!
  • How we see other people isn’t always how they see us. Understanding the gap helps you to work more closely together
  • Skiers ski the fall line – the path of least resistance – whatever your strengths are – work to them to take the path of least resistance.
  • Depending on the environment sometimes we need to dial up our strengths and other times we may need to dial them down – you need to read the situation.

Elaine’s parting note was a reminder we are not perfect but we are talented!

It was a great start to 2019 and we are looking forward to a year packed with new experiences and people to meet. One of our members said “I love these Quick Bite events – they are just as good if not better than any conferences we go to”!  We would love to see you at our next event at Michael Page on 2 April 2019 – register now!

Elaine’s Program – The Leadership Workout 3/4/2019


Date: Thursday 28 February 2019

Location: Kimberly-Clark Australia, Milsons Point

Number of attendees: 60

Guest speakers:

  • Tina Busch – VP Human Resources APAC , Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific
  • Elaine Krek – Founder – Prism Performance

Learning theme: Authentic Leadership







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