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April 9, 2019
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April 10, 2019
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National Icon and Billion-dollar Business – what’s the secret ingredient?

On Thursday 28th March, Bega hosted their second Quick Bite event in their very bright and colourful canteen in Port Melbourne, Victoria.  The event headline National Icon and Billion-dollar Business – what’s the secret ingredient? enticed over 70 external guests to join together to discuss the topic of Commercial Acumen.

For some participants the day started with a site tour of the Peanut Butter and Vegemite lines for a greater understanding of our operations and processes. The Quick Bite then kicked off with Bega’s CEO, Paul van Heerwaarden, who spoke about the Bega growth story and how the business develops and applies commercial acumen.  Antonietta Timms, Executive General Manager Operational Excellence, presented the importance of commercial acumen and how she applied it during the acquisition of the Bega Foods Business Unit, and the challenges of preparing a business for sale.
Guests were then taken through the Bega Aspire Agility framework by Sarah Asher, and presented with a hypothetical case study in relation to bringing a product to market.  The event ended with afternoon tea and the opportunity for members to network.

It was a very relaxed and intimate setting in the historic Vegemite Way canteen with a terrific turnout with some new members attending their first event.


Yesterday we had our Inspirational Influencers - how to get ahead inclusively and it was a hit! The team at @Coles discussed how to increase your influence and therefore your reputational capital. Keep an eye out in our webinar portal for the replay!

About 2 weeks ago from NAWO's Twitter via Hootsuite Inc.