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April 9, 2019
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April 10, 2019
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Are you Fit for the Future – NSW Quick Bite

Are you future fit? While the national awaited the release of the federal budget, the NSW NAWO evening event was underway, talking about the Future of Work. Hosted by Georgina O’Brien at Michael Page, in Sydney and vibrantly presented by guest speaker and author, Andrea Clarke, we explored this essential topic.

Launching into 3 key concepts; leadership, continuous learning and reputation capital, we engaged in what it means to us, our teams and our organisations. And importantly what we would commit to doing differently, starting with thinking differently.

We are on the brink of profound change, in the way we work, as technology disrupts the type of work we will do. Andrea had us considering what work will not be automated and the human skills needed in a world of advanced automation, digitisation and globalisation. Imagine leading teams using flexible talent, remote teams and an increasing number of millennials working and demanding changes in how we work.

With rapid change already underway how prepared are you to invest time, energy and resources into your own continuous learning and that of your team? As confronting as it sounds, 25 days a year of learning investment for each one of us is what will be needed to keep with the pace of change.

We all know about personal branding and its importance, with varying degrees of effort put into maintaining relevance on social networks like LinkedIn but it goes even further.  The concept of reputational capital is quickly permeating the way we are viewed for what we represent, our values, interests and actions in an online world.

Concluding the event with a draw and three lucky winners taking home a copy of “Future Fit” and networking, overseeing the stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

Extending our thanks again to Andrea Clarke for an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation on the eve of the launch of her book “Future Fit.  And to Georgina O’Brien at Michael Page for hosting at the Sydney offices and our own NAWO member, Carolyn Schroten for organising the event on behalf of the NAWO NSW Committee.

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