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August 7, 2019
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The Art of Storytelling.  How to communicate and influence with impact!

The Art of Storytelling.  How to communicate and influence with impact!

NAWO members in Perth were lucky enough to hear from Shil Shanghavi, the Chatter Chief from Chatterbox, and TEDx Speaker and TEDx Coach.

Shil shared a powerful story about his personal experience with “Mob Justice” in Kenya.  After he finished his presentation he talked about how to go about framing and delivering ideas and concepts worth spreading.
The key learnings that came out of his presentation were the importance of eye contact with your audience, setting the right pace, modulating your voice, being completely authentic and vulnerable with the stories you choose to share and concluding by tying it back to your opening so the audience is taken full circle. There was also a reflection on focusing on and appreciating the opportunities we have living in a first world country.
It was a fantastic sold out event and we thank Deloitte for generously hosting this opportunity to hear from one of Australia’s greatest talents in the field of professional communication.


"Occupational and industrial segregation continue to be significant contributors to the gender pay gap at 17%." @DivCouncilAus dca.org.au/research/proje… #genderdiversity #genderpaygap #diversity #DCA pic.twitter.com/KCPQFNoYKT

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