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August 7, 2019
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September 20, 2019
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Shining a Security spotlight on Authentic Leadership

If you missed this event today…..sorry… missed an absolute show stopper! Thanks to Australia Post and our fabulous Victorian Committee, members were treated to honest and heartfelt stories of authenticity, and frank and candid analysis of mistakes and failure from some of the top security experts in Australia and internationally.

NAWO was honored to have Commander Amanda Kates from the Australian Federal Police.  Amanda spoke of her leadership journey from joining the Navy in 1972 as a fresh faced country girl through to her current role as State Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, AFP.  Amanda shared the good experiences but also the bad, that it is important to give things a go, but also to identify when they are not right for you, and having the courage to move on.

Amanda admitted to recognising the need to stand up for herself and others, and she passionately believes in paying things forward and having a positive attitude.  As a leader she recommends constant and consistent communication to ensure everyone is clear on where the team is going, how they are going to get there and WHY.

We were deeply privileged to hear John Yates, QPM speak.  John talked candidly about his role as Head of Counter Terrorism and his investigation of the News of the World royal phone hacking scandal. This incredible learning experience was shared alongside his extraordinary achievements heading up the UK response to the 2004 Tsunami, and for which he received the Queen’s Police Medal.

John now heads up security for the Westfield Group globally and has taken the learnings from his career to become a truly authentic leader, empowering others, listening and attending to detail. Here are his 7 key points for leaders:

1. Mark yourself hard
2. Are you trying to prove yourself right or trying to get the right result?
3. Do you invite challenge?
4. Leadership or myopia?
5. If you suspect a headache, treat for meningitis (if you think there is a problem resource it well first up, you can always pull back)
6. Understand the dynamics of ‘group think’
7. Recognise your personal limits (utilise the talents of your team)

Last but not at all least we heard from Kevin Zuccato, GM, Group Security at Australia Post.  Kevin shared his ‘ 1 day, 18 hours and 44 minutes’ experience with IBM in 2016 when the e-census meltdown occurred – also known as #censusfail.

Kevin was two weeks into his job as head of cyber security when this happened, sending the ABS, and IBM into crisis management.  Kevin led the complex response and drew on his crisis management experience and importantly , the relationships he had built to effectively manage the emerging crisis.  He shared these 4 leadership traits:

1. Engagement: Make sure your mind is focus on what is important
2. Honour: Have the courage to hold the line on things you believe in
3. Belief: Be decisive
4. Calm: Do pain well. As a leader you will have to hold the pain of mistakes and failure

This was such a powerful event of shared stories and honesty from leaders and experts in this challenging profession.  A huge thank you to Australia Post for hosting and organising the exceptional speakers.  Here are three final takeaways:

Amanda: stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone
John: do not forget your journey, and force yourself to reboot every couple of years
Kevin: leadership is not static, we need to evolve



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