Shining a Security spotlight on Authentic Leadership
September 17, 2019
Authentic leadership. Fully expressing ‘me’ for the benefit of ‘we’ 
October 1, 2019
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Authentic Leadership. Unleash your secret super power.

On 29 August 70 people attended a Quick Bite at PepsiCo in Regency Park, South Australia. Those that attended the site tour learned first-hand the technology, quality ingredients and passion that go into Smith’s and Red Rock Deli potato chips, Doritos and the many other brands that are manufactured at this site. 

Anita Patrick delivered an excellent keynote presentation and shared building blocks of authentic leadership – self-awareness and remaining consistent with one’s true self, honest relationships and valuesbased choices & decision makingShe made this come to life with examples from her own work experiences. Anita also spoke about how to grow as you progress through your career – authenticity isn’t about being rigid and unchanging and only sticking with what feels safe – your identity should guide you forward but not fence you inShe provided tips on how to implement adaptive authenticity and some thoughts for attendees to reflect on, eg which people have approaches that you admire, and what might you borrow. 

Panellists Doug Stakic, Jenny Supple, Michael Steed, Michael de Lang and Cornelius Marcellus, facilitated by Harry Venner, shared many learnings from their careers at PepsiCo and other businesses, for example the importance of taking yourself out of your comfort zone, values-based leadershipfinding a mentor and taking opportunities as they present themselvesThe panellists also spoke about adapting in response to constructive feedback while remaining true to their authentic selves. 

All in all it was an excellent session with many take-aways for attendees (including their favourite bag of chips). Thank you to the team at PepsiCo for delivering a great Quick Bite! 


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