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September 20, 2019
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October 9, 2019
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Authentic leadership. Fully expressing ‘me’ for the benefit of ‘we’ 

On a bright and sunny afternoon in Rocklea, QLD, 74 guests attended a Quick Bite at Orora Fibre Packaging.   Those that attended the site tour learnt first-hand the technology and passion that goes into the making of packaging for Orora’s valued customers. 


Madeleine Shaw from Madeleine Shaw Executive Coaching took us though what it means to be an authentic leader, “what is the sweet spot” with our Self, our Role and Other factors.  Madeleine shared the differences between High Self Monitoring and Low Self MonitoringEncouraging us with playful experimentation like “Habit busting”, “Trying things on”; “Try new stories” and being in “Learning mode (vs performance mode)”.    Our members were provided with a worksheet via to put our learnings into action.


Chyonne Kreltszheim, from Being the Change, discussed practical ways of “How to cultivate courage and make fear your friend“.  Sharing that Fear is normal, it’s our body’s navigational system doing its job.  When fear is triggered, there can be a tendency to focus on the worst-case scenario.  But when you bring curiosity, compassion and courage to the situation, you become aware of the resources available to you to create a more positive outcome.  One major take out was using the word “yet” at the back end of conversations you have with yourself e.g. instead of using the excuse I can’t do that as I am not a data person, saying instead – I am not a data person, yet!  This enables us to have more compassion for ourselves.   A check sheet was provided via providing Learning Inhibitors and Learning Enablers. 



All in all it was an excellent quick bit event with many take-always for attendees!  A huge thank you to the team at Orora Fibre Packaging for hosting and organising such great speakers. 




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