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October 1, 2019
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October 29, 2019
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Empowering and Attentive Leaders

On the 12th of September NAWO had the pleasure of hosting a Quick Bite event with the University of WA Young Engineers.  The event was titled ‘Empowering and Attentive Leaders’ and featured Carmen Lawrence – former WA premier (the first female Premier in Australia), Federal Minister, and Professor Emerita in the School of Psychological Science at UWA.

Having Carmen as our guest speaker was a great opportunity to host an event focused on our Learning Priority Building and Leading Diverse Teams.  As an academic and PhD in psychology her research and work has focused on gender equality and diversity.  This, along with her wealth of experience as a leader in state and federal government, provided depth to the discussion.

By design the event was interactive and provided opportunity for our members as well as students to engage in a dialogue with Carmen and each other throughout. There was quality discussion with input from students, academics and professionals in mining, manufacturing and services. We challenged people to walk away from the event with an action-oriented mindset for change.  We wanted our members to be eyes-open in the work place and to get that message to the generation of emerging professionals from our communities’ University.  Below is an empowering statement from Elana Kells (State Manager, Processing & Logistics – NSW, BlueScope).

Elana Kells:

“I was lucky enough to be in WA the past few days and made it to the National Association of Women in Operations NAWO event. It was a fantastic event bringing together students and professionals to contemplate diversity in the workplace.  Carmen Lawrence, Australia’s first female Premier, was an amazing speaker. My key takeaway was a need to open my eyes to the ‘one off’ people in my team and ensure they are supported and included.”

Many thanks go to the UWA Young Engineers for hosting and collaborating on this Quick Bite.













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