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November 5, 2019
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December 20, 2019
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Courage – your key to go from mediocre to extraordinary

On the 7th of November 54 guests attended a Quick Bite at Caltex Refinery at Lytton.   21 members were lucky to attend the refinery site tour learning first-hand the history of the site, the gravity of how large it is and the effort that goes into running it, not least Caltex having their own firefighting facilities on site.

Penny Winn, Non-Executive Director of Caltex, shared her career journey and many insights in regards to saying ‘Yes’, knowing the ‘real you’, and having the courage to give something a go – after all what is the worst that could happen? We are sure our NAWO members took away some great learnings from Penny’s 30+ years of working in leadership roles.

Some of the key takeaways and ideas for both individuals and organisations included:


Look at your skills and really understand what they are

Think about becoming a director on a board – great experience and learnings are provided

Humanity is good leadership trait to have and display

Communication is key, share with everyone, particularly at the ground level

Be open and honest about praise

Grab opportunities and don’t be afraid to zig zag in your career to get to where you want to be

Don’t cover up your failures, call them out and help fix them

You need a mentor, usually within the organisation, so they can guide and help with your career

Always network within your company, often best opportunities come from this



Need to be held fully accountable for hitting diversity targets – bonuses should be attached

Three women in leadership roles on an ELT is a good mix and has proven results

Offer flexible working arrangements, and walk the talk on them

Address the pay gap, including maternity leave for both men and women


All in all it was an excellent Quick Bite event with many take-always for attendees!  A huge thank you to the team at Caltex for hosting and organising a great event.






















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