Did you start the year with ambitious professional motivation? Get that new job? Pivot your career? Conquer your networking skills?

If you feel like the current situation has derailed those plans join our virtual networking to make some new ones!

Log in for a short and effective session with Simon Cook, Director of Springfox, coach and resilience expert. Simon will share practical tips and tools for managing your mindset to enable you realign your goals and harness that motivation. We will use Zoom meeting rooms to work with a small group of your fellow NAWO QLD members to share challenges and find solutions, so that 2020 doesn’t have to be lost time, whatever your goal is.

2:30 PM Welcome & Introductions
2:40 PM Guest Speaker: Simon Cook
2:55 PM Guided peer-to-peer networking
3:15 PM Discussions and Questions
3:25 PM Thank you & Close

Date: Tuesday May 19
Time: 2:30 – 3:30 PM
Access: Zoom Webinar



We know how valued our State networking events are – providing those personal touch points and a positive boost to our motivation and passion for our work. Like us, you might be missing our face to face events, so while we are unable to host physical networking, we can connect you with our virtual State Networking Zooms.
The format will include a brief keynote on a chosen topic, opportunities to ask questions and connect with each other online.  Our volunteer State committees have many ideas for making these sessions as interactive, useful and importantly, as fun as possible, so look out for your e-invitation and stay connected to your NAWO network.

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Did you start the year with ambitious professional motivation? Get that new job? Pivot your career? Conquer your networking skills? If you feel like the current […]
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