Membership Terms & Conditions

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Membership Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to NAWO membership products and services.

NAWO Rules of Association & Code of Conduct
All members are bound by the NAWO Rules of Association, Code of Conduct and notices and directives of NAWO.

Acceptance of terms and conditions
NAWO members are required to indicate their acceptance of all terms and conditions of membership when completing the online application forms.

New applications and renewals will not be processed until confirmation is received.

Due date
Membership fees are due in full on joining NAWO or annually from the date and month in which the member joined.

Failure to pay
If a member does not pay their membership fees, they will cease to be a NAWO member and will be removed from the active NAWO member database.

Failure to pay will result in:
 Membership becoming non-financial from the first day of the month following the individual’s renewal date
 Membership benefits will be restricted for all non-financial members
 Membership will officially lapse 2 months after the renewal due date. If a membership does lapse, that individual or company must not claim to be a member of NAWO.

Cancellation/refund policy
NAWO does not provide refunds on membership fees.

Transfer of membership
NAWO memberships can be held by :
i) An individual. Individual memberships are non-transferable, or
ii) An organisation. Corporate memberships belong to the organisation, so they may transfer from one employee to another as required.

Costs incurred by NAWO
All unexpected costs incurred by NAWO in the processing of membership fees will be charged back to the member. Such costs include, but are not limited to, bounced cheque fees and related bank charges.

Issuing an invoice
An individual or organisation will be invoiced upon receipt of a :
i) Signed corporate membership application form for new corporate members, or
ii) Signed individual membership application form for new individual members, or
iii) Signed member statement if renewing, or
iv) Email confirmation that you wish to renew your existing membership.

Once the invoice has been issued, membership is non-refundable and no further memberships can be removed or added on that invoice.

Corporate membership will only be invoiced to the organisation. NAWO are unable to issue staff members with individual invoices under this membership category.

Upgrading Membership
Members may apply to upgrade their membership by contacting NAWO.

Additional References
NAWO Code of Conduct
NAWO Rules of Association

NAWO Code of Conduct

Given the common focus on women and the non-commercial nature of the discussions NAWO is open to women from all major operational businesses* (eg manufacturers, heavy industry, material suppliers, distributors, logistics providers, retail supply chains). It is has been founded on a culture of trust and goodwill which results in the following governing behaviours:

  • Commercial issues that could violate Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) rules and guidelines are expressly out of scope ;
  • Discretion applies when sharing stories that may be sensitive in nature;
  • Potential invitees will not be prohibited from participating in events except by nature of their gender, organisational suitability or logistical constraints;
  • Attendees will not approach other organisation’s staff in a deliberate effort to poach;
  • Members will not represent themselves to the media or other such communities unless expressly agreed by the Board.

Harassment and Bullying Policy

NAWO is committed to securing and maintaining a healthy and safe association which is free from harassment and bullying. No form of bullying or harassment will be tolerated and disciplinary action may be taken against those responsible if it should occur. All members have a responsibility to comply with this policy. If you believe that you are being bullied or harassed, you should report the behaviour or incident to a NAWO Board member so that an attempt can be made to resolve the issue and ensure that the behaviour does not continue to occur in the future.

*For more information about  NAWO membership, click here.

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