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NAWO is very fortunate and proud to collaborate with and have the support of some great organisations. Here we showcase our partnerships with industry associations. Through these partnerships we collaborate on events, industry research and insights and mutually support each other’s mission and network. Our partners share our commitment to gender diversity and bringing our members value and expertise relevant to their industries.

We thank the organisations on this page for their invaluable support.


Established in Australia in 1963 as a not for profit organisation, Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is the Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management in Australia. Within the Professional Accreditation Scheme, ASCI provides Professional and Practitioner Registration and pathways to Registration through education, training and continued professional development.


At Best Practice Network, we believe that every business can learn and improve.  We facilitate networking visits, physical and virtual events, and activities to provide valuable insights, feedback and identify practical and effective improvement ideas.  We connect organisations and people to share knowledge, expertise, experience and resources.


PATH4 is a recruitment company with a difference.  Every day we leverage our network of independently owned businesses to provide recruitment and workforce solutions to job seekers and our corporate clients Australia wide. We don’t try to be everything to everyone but in our specialisation areas we deliver results, without exception. The PATH4 business model is built around people who have expertise in specific areas. They are focussed and have the relationships and networks to deliver what you are looking for. Our key focus as a business is investing in and developing the long standing relationships that we have.  We understand the nuances of each industry and we understand all levels of roles within those industry sectors. We take the time to get to know you and understand your specific business needs or career goals and have a commitment to deliver what you are looking for.


Ducere is a social enterprise that delivers pioneering education initiatives in Australia, Africa and the UK. Higher education programs delivered by the Ducere Global Business School fund the groundbreaking publishing, school development and mentorship work of the Ducere Foundation, providing unique learning and leadership opportunities in 21 African nations.

As part of the Ducere group, the Ducere Global Business School is an online education provider. We partner with established universities in delivering internationally recognised qualifications. As well as partnering with exceptional universities, we partner with innovative organisations, businesses and global leaders to be the most student-focused and industry-relevant business school in Australia. In fact, we were named a finalist in the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards 2017 for Industry Engagement.

In Latin, the word Ducere means ‘to lead’ or ‘to guide’. We believe that leadership and education are fundamentally connected and that today’s students are best served by higher education that is flexible, practical, industry-relevant and innovation-focused. We believe that by bridging the gap between real industry leadership and rigorous academic guidance, we, along with our partners are delivering unique enterprise skills for the 21st-century innovation economy.

WORK 180 (formerly DCC Jobs)

WORK 180 (formerly DCC  Jobs) is a jobs board with a  difference! We ask the hard questions on your behalf to help women find employment in companies that will support your career. WORK 180 pre-screens employers on paid parental leave, pay equity, flexible working and much more. If they don’t meet our criteria, they simply cannot advertise. This information is not publicly listed elsewhere and is an essential tool in your job search when assessing employers. Register today with one click!



FemeconomyYou are the female economy. Whether you are a female consumer, woman in the workforce or business owner, you can choose Femeconomy approved brands to create gender equality. The criteria to be a Femeconomy approved B2B or B2C brand is to have at least 30% of women on the Board of Directors or be 50% female owned. So far, over 900 brands meet our criteria. Femeconomy approved companies are invited to submit their brand to Femeconomy.


NAWO is delighted to announce its membership of the Australian Gender Equality Council (AGEC). AGEC’s mission is simple: to achieve gender equality in Australia. Through high profile national awareness campaigns, advocacy and research, AGEC aims to drive a cultural shift in Australia, so that women have the same pay, same superannuation, same rights, same everything.

AGEC is currently developing a number of projects which in time will assist in the development of policy, raise awareness for gender equality and establish AGEC further as the authoritative and independent voice for gender equality in Australia.  The work that AGEC does is vital to taking women, and Australia, forward from a cultural and economic perspective.

Think AGEC, think gender equality. It’s time to finish the fight!

Putting the ‘Super’ back into Superannuation! If you have been using COVID-19 as yet another excuse for keeping Sorting out my Superannuation at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list then this webinar is for you! Registration is essential:

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