Senior Manager Product Line AN, Kooragang Island - Orica

Annie is a manager with over 15 years of experience within the manufacturing industry. She has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.

Annie is currently the production manager at Kooragang Island ammonium nitrate manufacturing site. This plant is owned by Orica, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of explosives for mining and civil construction.

In this role, Annie manages a multi-disciplinary team of operators, maintenance technicians, superintendents, and engineers in ensuring the plant operations are safe, productive and within budget.

Annie is originally from Canada where she worked in an oil refinery before joining an engineering firm where she worked on a FIFO contract in New Caledonia and then moved to Australia in 2008. She joined Orica in 2013. She loves cultural differences and working with diverse teams, she strongly believes it makes it more interesting.

She is passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workforce and is a strong advocate of women in non-traditional roles. She is currently in the Women in Engineering committee with Engineers Australia, division Newcastle and in the Diversity and Inclusion committee within Orica. One of her key objectives is to make a difference in the workforce by bringing everyone to their full potential.

In his spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and partner, doing yoga and being outdoors.

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