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The resources on this page are available to help NAWO’s Corporate Members to get the most out of their membership. 

Where should you begin?

By watching the video on this page: ‘Making the most of your NAWO Membership’.

What’s next?


We encourage you to ‘launch’ NAWO within your workplace to familiarise key people with the benefits of NAWO membership and add impetus to the drive for greater female representation at every level – use the following documents to help with this process:

Make sure you provide us with all of the key contacts within your organisation so they are kept informed about NAWO events as appropriate:


Not sure how to start conversations about gender diversity?

Try the NAWO Chatterbox

How about adding some gender diversity stats about your own organisation with the editable NAWO chatterbox!

Don’t forget to connect with us on the below social media accounts and join our private LinkedIn Group – NAWO Network News! and share your diversity stories with us.




Open to all NAWO members, we will have a fortnightly conversation during COVID19 on topics that matter to you via an informal 30 minute Zoom call.  You will be able to listen to subject experts, contribute to the discussion and ask questions.

NAWO Check In 1 – Staying connected and maintaining visibility while working from home

Making the most of your NAWO membership

NAWO’s new Inclusive Leadership Introductory Toolkit

Together with our partners Lens Consulting we have created an Introductory Toolkit to support NAWO’s 6th Learning Priority: Building and Leading Diverse Teams.  This toolkit will offer you and your organisation the following outcomes:

  • Provide early discussions around inclusive leadership and practices within your workplace
  • Gain an awareness to unconscious thinking processes and understand how it impacts how we assess, interact, think and evaluate situations
  • An introduction on how to become a more inclusive leader by applying the seven habits of inclusive leaders
  • Develop some strategies for inclusive recruitment practices to attract a wider range of people to join and move within your team/organisation
  • Provide some resources for tips and tools on inclusive leadership.

There are supporting materials to compliment the animation within the Toolkit enabling you to use the kit easily and effectively throughout your organisation. Included in the kit are the:

1. Animation
2. Facilitator’s guide
3. PowerPoint presentation with presenter notes
4. A4 participants’ handout

For further information or support with using the Toolkit please contact


As a NAWO Corporate Member you are eligible to display the NAWO logo on your recruitment ads, on your website, in your newsletters and through other communication materials. This will send a strong message about your commitment to gender diversity to both current and potential employees, as well as your business partners.

A selection of standard NAWO logos is provided via the link below, with and without our tagline, “Inspiration at work”. Please contact us if you need different logo formats.


We suggest using one of the following statements to accompany the logo:

Short version:

<Your Company Name> is proud to be a <membership level> Corporate Member of the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO).

Longer version:

<Your Company Name> is proud to be a <membership level> Corporate Member of the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO). We share a vision of women and men being equally represented and valued at every level and work together to develop and support the pipeline of women working in ‘operational’ businesses or functions as they progress through to business leadership and executive roles. Why? Because smart business is everyone’s business.

Think you have no influence? Think again! - and influence capabilities in the workplace are key to success, regardless of your role or career stage. NAWO members - register here: $55 Non members - register here: #NAWO @Coles

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