Feedlot Manager, JBS Prime City Feedlot

I grew up on my family's mixed farming property in Texas QLD and later in Tamworth NSW. After the completion of my secondary education, I studied at the University of Queensland graduating with Bachelor of Agribusiness and Bachelor of Animal Science in 2005.

In 2006, I commenced with Australian Meat Holdings (AMH) and have held various operational roles over 13 years, mostly based on the production side of the business.

My current role is managing Prime City Griffith, a 35,000 head cattle feedlot. I am responsible for the feedlot production, financial management, the logistical and commodity contracts, in conjunction with managing 55 permanent staff. Working with and building skills of people, and ensuring cattle reach their full potential are two of my passions.

In 2014, Emily was recognised as the Australian Young Lot Feeder of the Year and this enabled her to explore the beef industry in South America during 2015.

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