Access the ‘X’ factor of Commercial Acumen and make your career soar! F2f or livestream
October 3, 2017
Access the ‘X’ factor of Commercial Acumen and make your career soar!
October 5, 2017
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Access the ‘X’ factor of Commercial Acumen and make your career soar!

Mark 31st August for NAWO's very first live streamed Quick Bite event!

How do you create impact with Commercial Acumen?

Today’s operations organisations need leaders, managers and employees who can directly contribute to the achievement of their company’s goals and objectives by making the right decisions using their instinct and acumen.

Commercial Acumen is viewed as the ‘X’ factor in maintaining the competitive advantage in business and for breaking through middle management to the executive level. Why is this elusive quality so important for getting ahead and how can you apply its attributes to your professional situation?

NAWO together with BP Australia, our sponsor and Gold Corporate member, are excited to be offering this professional development event directly focused on attaining that ‘X’ factor.  Join us and hear the career stories of two of BP’s top female executives:

Brooke Miller, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, BP Australia, and

Amanda Woollard, Retail General Manager, BP Australia

These success stories will start a facilitated conversation about how we can use the strategies of Commercial Acumen to map our careers and attain high level roles in the operations industry.

Hear how you don’t have to come from a financial background to succeed at the executive level and learn how you can create impact with Commercial Acumen!

Then participate in a 2-hour workshop on building Commercial Acumen for career success facilitated by Michelle Redfern, Facilitator & Program Manager of Lighthouse.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the three elements of leadership
  • Consider the career advice you have been given and see how it maps to what has typically been provided to women
  • Contextualise how this issue manifests in the operations environments in which we all work
  • Develop an individual action plan to close any gaps in both developing and demonstrating the “missing 33%” in the career success equation

OR Watch the BP keynote presentations as they are STREAMED LIVE ACROSS OUR NATIONAL NETWORK. That’s right! You will have the opportunity to watch the speakers LIVE by logging in on your favourite device (2 November, 2017 12:30 – 2:30pm AEST). Replay can also be watched at a later time.

Put your ideas into action and achieve business, strategic and financial acumen with NAWO!

Learning Priorities: Commercial Acumen, Personal Courage and Confidence

Dates :         Tuesday 7th November

Time :          9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Venue :       BP Castrol 132 McCredie Rd, Guildford West NSW 2161

RSVP :         2 November, 2017

Cost:            Free NAWO Corporate members

$25.00 + GST for NAWO Individual Members

$70.00 + GST for Non members*   *OR why not join now as a NAWO Individual member for $110.00 + GST and enjoy the full range of member benefits

$35.00 + GST Non members – Livestream only


Register to receive login details for the Livestream: BOOK LIVESTREAM HERE


Brooke Miller Vice President, Sales and Marketing, BP Australia

Amanda Woollard Retail General Manager, BP Australia

Michelle RedfernFacilitator & Program Manager, Lighthouse

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