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October 4, 2016
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Lateral thinking to broaden the talent pool in operations

Please note this Industry Solutions event is a senior leadership event, by invitation only. 

Recruitment and selection processes are key functions where the risk of unconscious bias and stereotyping can impede the progress of more women into senior leadership positions. Research continues to point to gaps in the role definition and recruitment processes that adversely impact gender parity.

Whether a company is successful in its merit-based recruitment and selection of staff in a gender-neutral manner depends on a number of critical factors. Was the role defined effectively in the first place? Were those involved in identifying candidates given sufficient information, time and resources to do this well?

Additionally, many companies use talent, recruitment and search companies to assist in identifying candidates for roles. Given the significant role these third parties can play, it is important to ensure they fully understand the company’s culture and can enhance the fulfilment of the company’s strategic objective in regard to gender diversity and inclusion.

We look forward to joining business leaders from the NAWO network to stimulate conversations and thinking that will help organisations to access a broader pool of talent for key leadership positions.

Date:  24th November, 2016

Time:   7.30 am – 9.30 am

Format: Panel interview and facilitated discussion

Venue: Orora, Burwood Rd, Hawthorn





Kristan De Sousa


Kristen De Sousa: Director, Six Degrees Executive Recruitment




Tim Hart: MD & CEO Ridley Agriculture; NAWO Ambassador and former founding Board Member



Craig Jackson: Group General Manager, Procurement and Supply, Orora



Rebecca McGrath


Rebecca McGrath FAICD: Independent Chair and Executive Director; NAWO Ambassador





Simon Bromell: Group General Manager – Beverage, Orora; and NAWO Board Member



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