The art of perfecting Project Management

NAWO National Zoom Webinar

Project management is all about the realisation of a set task – it is a discipline of initiating, planning, executing, and managing resources with the goal […]

NAWO Mentoring Program Launch Event

NAWO Zoom Meeting

A welcome meeting for all our NAWO Mentors and Mentees for 2021 to discuss the program and connect with the group.

The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

NAWO National Zoom

At work giving and receiving feedback can be uncomfortable and challenging, yet understanding how to do so effectively is important in all areas of a business […]

Dare To Lead™


Based on the research of Brené Brown “Leadership is not about titles or the corner office.  It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out […]

Increasing Workplace Opportunity Through Diverse Parental Options

NAWO Zoom Meeting

Want to challenge your thinking in a space critical to leaders responsible for supporting their people having children?    Join industry experts Andrew Vink and Natalie Sukic to disrupt preconceived notions and expectations of parental leave and contribute ideas on […]

Problem retrieving data from Twitter

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