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NAWO_Nine Levers for Gender Balance

NAWO inspires and supports organisations

We connect businesses by facilitating dialogue, sharing ideas and progressing actions to achieve greater inclusion and gender balance in operations; working with our member organisations to achieve step-change progress in their attraction, development and retention of women.

Introducing the NAWO Nine Levers for Gender Balance

Through our work with members we have access to a wealth of knowledge and research related to what does – and doesn’t – make a real difference.

The great news for our NAWO community is that we have mined this wealth and distilled the knowledge into an accessible format that provides a clear path forward for organisations keen to ‘make things happen’ on the gender diversity frontline.

The objective of the ‘NAWO Nine’ is to provide a roadmap to help our member companies identify where they are making good progress, and where they may need to shift their focus to continue to effect practical action – both culturally and systemically – to achieve greater gender balance.  The Levers are our touchpoints across all our Industry Solutions events.

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Industry Solutions Events

‘Bringing leaders together to understand and learn’

NAWO Industry Solutions events are a keystone for achieving our vision of a world where women and men can be equally represented and valued at every level. Designed to generate high level conversations and debate, based on solid research and practical knowledge, our Industry Solutions Events are facilitated by an experienced leader and bring together small groups of senior leaders drawn from industry, government, and education.   NAWO Industry Solutions events provide a forum for participants to discuss and develop practical solutions to their gender diversity challenges.

Branding, Communication, and Knowledge Share

‘Get actively involved in the NAWO network and reap the rewards’

Affiliation and active involvement with NAWO positions your organisation as a progressive and attractive employer. There are many different ways you can become fully engaged with the NAWO community, and gain tangible benefits from your NAWO Membership;

  • by sharing stories of your organisation’s and/or people’s involvement with NAWO via your intranet, internal and external publications
  • by hosting or providing guest speakers for NAWO events,
  • by inviting NAWO to speak at your organisation’s key events.
  • by encouraging your team members to become active volunteers on NAWO state committee’s
  • by encouraging your executives to become volunteer Executive Mentors with NAWO
  • by joining our communities and discussion forums to engage in the gender diversity conversation via NAWO’s social media accounts (Blog, LinkedIn Group, Twitter)


Partner with NAWO to build the female talent pipeline in operations!

NAWO in conjunction with PATH4 Graduates has developed a project based, paid internship program for female university students. This initiative aims to attract talented women to operational careers.

NAWO corporate members can apply here to request an intern be specially selected to complete a suitable project in an operational function within their business such as Manufacturing, Procurement, Health and Safety, Packaging, Engineering, Logistics and Warehousing, Freight and Transport, IT, Cost/Management Accounting, Environment etc. Projects must have clearly defined outcomes and objectives, and be able to be completed by the intern on a flexible basis in conjunction with their university studies.

Payroll for interns is managed by Path4Graduates and corporate members are invoiced by Path4Graduates on a monthly basis. Interns are paid at the award rate relevant for the project and commensurate with their qualifications and experience.

Strengthen your female talent pipeline today. Provide an opportunity for a NAWO Project i Intern.

Interested but not yet a NAWO member? Find out more about becoming a corporate member here.

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