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Networking Events

NAWO’s calendar of events covers each of our member states and is geared towards developing the pipeline of women in operational roles and businesses. Events are offered in two formats:

Quick bites

Quick Bites: Short, affordable and highly engaging, NAWO Quick Bites are informative networking events that are hosted by NAWO member organisations and presented by recognised industry leaders.

Professional development

Professional Development Events: These practical events are designed to share knowledge, develop leadership skills and inspire innovation and gender diversity in leadership.

Professional Development Programs

Exclusive to NAWO members, NAWO’s Professional Development Programs are designed to nurture female potential and talent in order to fill the pool of women in senior leadership. These programs draw on the knowledge and skills of our extensive network of male and female industry leaders, as well as professional training providers, and are invaluable for accelerating career potential amongst participants.

Curriculum Based Approach

Our research found there are key areas where female leaders benefit from additional insight and learning. Therefore, our events and programs are built around Five Key Learning Priorities

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