inspiring opportunities

NAWO inspires you to take charge of your career by providing meaningful networks, inspiring role models and development opportunities to activate your full potential.

NAWO’s calendar of events covers each of our member states and is geared towards developing the pipeline of women in operational roles and businesses.

Quick bites

Quick Bites

Quick Bites are time efficient, affordable and highly engaging, networking events hosted by NAWO member organisations and designed around our five future-focused and adaptive learning priorities.

Professional development

Professional Development Programs

Exclusive to NAWO members, NAWO’s Professional Development Programs are curated to drive female potential and talent forward and fill the pool of women ready for middle and senior leadership opportunities. These programs draw on the knowledge and skills of our extensive network of male and female industry leaders, as well as professional training providers, and are invaluable for accelerating career potential amongst participants.

NAWO has a future-focused and adaptive approach to professional development

NAWO’s networking and development activities are structured around these five learning priorities. These priorities identify the areas of self-development critical to professional success and career advancement in operations.

Putting the ‘Super’ back into Superannuation! If you have been using COVID-19 as yet another excuse for keeping Sorting out my Superannuation at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list then this webinar is for you! Registration is essential:

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