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FACT: None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will the next generation. That’s the sobering finding of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which reveals that gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #choosetochallenge.  The idea being that when we see gender bias and inequity, we can act by choosing to challenge it and call it out.

Progress is just, too, slow, and we must take action!  NAWO’s very reason for existing is to see gender diversity valued and balanced at every level across operational industries.  We, alongside you our members can collectively help achieve more inclusion, and therefore diversity, in the industries we represent.  This IWD we ask you to not only celebrate your NAWO membership but take action against one or more of our NAWO Nine Levers for Gender Balance.

Which Lever will you chose to challenge for your organisation?

How can you rethink your systems and processes across these key areas to introduce initiatives that activate meaningful change?  Some great examples from are member network are:

  • Introducing paid parental leave for men and actively encouraging them to take it
  • Taking immediate action to close any identified pay gaps
  • Rethinking criteria for selection and the prerequisite skill sets required for operational roles
  • Taking the focus off where work is done, focussing on outcomes achieved
  • Considering how requests for flexible work can work rather than how they can’t in operational environments
  • Address behaviour that does not align with company values and expectations such as sexist jokes, innuendo and subtle acts of exclusion
  • Having a zero tolerance policy to harassment and discrimination and applying it
  • Addressing issues caused by roster patterns for people who care for others
  • Providing support and training for people going on and returning form parental leave
  • Sourcing female friendly work uniforms with buy in from the people who wear them


This year have also created a NAWO & IWD logo lockup for exclusive use by our members.  Use this to stamp your commitment to better gender balance in your organisation and operations overall; and align your membership with the global celebration of International Women’s Day.  To access the logo contact us.

From challenge comes change, and our challenge to you as a company committed to better gender balance is what are you choosing to challenge and how?


Respect at work – Implications for sexual harassment Prevention

On the theme of #choosetochallenge, now more than ever we must be acutely aware of unacceptable behaviour at work and sexual harassment of employees.  Do you feel your organisation is equipped to respond to and support employees impacted by sexual harassment?  Here are some resources we have put together to support you.

Great resources to help celebrate nawo membership on IWD

Add instant impact to your IWD celebrations with these ideas

  • NAWO IWD Certificates — Recognise those people who are leading bold changes for greater gender diversity every day.
  • NAWO & IWD logo lock up – use this in your internal and external comms to align your NAWO membership and commitment to better gender balance in operations with IWD. Contact us.
  • Social media graphics — We have developed some images to share on your website or on social media to promote your support for NAWO and IWD. Contact us.
  • #ChoosetoChallenge – more info and ideas

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