Jade Yates

National Manager, Customer Centre and Loyalty - Nissan Financial Services

Jade is the National Manager, Customer Centre and Loyalty and has been with Nissan Financial Services for almost twelve months. During this time Jade has been working closely with her operational teams to improve people and business outcomes and is focused on building a customer centric culture.

Jade is a passionate and dedicated Customer Service and Operations Senior Leader with knowledge and expertise spanning ten years senior leadership in the contact centre industry and fourteen years in finance. Throughout her roles she has lead and developed high performing teams through times of adversity such as a Royal Commission and significant legislative change as well as building teams from the ground up to achieve exceptional business and customer outcomes.

Jade has had the privilege of working with diverse teams across business administration, superannuation, call centres and finance and is passionate about building high performing teams where people have solid and deep trust in each other and the team’s purpose and are engaged in the business culture and values.

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