Adelaide Mail Centre Facility Manager, Australia Post

John started his working life as an apprentice Electrician in the UK. He completed his apprenticeship and gained his electrical qualifications. He grew up in a small town just south of London before emigrating to Australia in 1984, where he settled in Adelaide. John joined Australia Post in 1986 as a base grade Mail Officer sorting mail at the Adelaide Mail Centre.

John has always taken opportunities when they presented themselves. He moved from Mail Officer to Supervisor and soon secured a senior role as a Shift Production Manager. A couple of years later, John took the role of Logistic Manager. After 7yrs in this role, he was appointed as the Adelaide Mail Centre Facility Manager in 2014. The Mail Centre has seen many changes to the product volume and labour usage since 2009, due to the decline of letters. His career with Post currently spans 31 years.

Throughout all of these roles, John uses negotiating and influencing skills to seek positive outcomes for AMC, to improve processing efficiencies and staff engagement. One of his recent initiatives was called ‘Have a coffee with John’. These session were about connecting with base grade staff, allowing them the opportunity to speak of any concerns in their working environment. This forum proved to be popular with staff and also beneficial to John, as he was able check the ‘pulse’ of staff engagement in an environment which is undergoing significant change.

John is the father of three daughters and has three grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his family and travelling both here in Australia and overseas.

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