General Manager, Southern Cotton

Riverina-based business leader, Kate O’Callaghan, has played a leading role in the development of the cotton industry in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), which was blossoming just five years ago, by strategically building the capacity of local growers through collaboration, education and innovation.

An agronomist by profession, Kate is well-respected in the traditionally male-dominated agricultural sector. The combination of Kate’s research background, commercial expertise and relatable approach has been credited for supporting the potential for cotton production in the region.

Passionate about agriculture, Kate was recruited by Southern Cotton to nurture a new industry for the Murrumbidgee Valley community in southern NSW. Within a year, Kate had helped transform a paddock into a $26 million operation through the development of a cotton ginning business.

In a region traditionally dominated by rice production, the opportunities presented by the alternate cotton industry means growers, and in turn the community, benefits.

As general manager, Kate oversees a staff of up to 50 full-timers and casuals. When she’s not working for Southern Cotton, Kate runs fat lambs and grows rice and cereals with husband Owen on the family farm at Yanco.

Kate is passionate about locals and visitors understanding the quality, sustainability and excellence of agriculture in the region. Through her role at Southern Cotton, Kate has been instrumental in addressing the misinformation in the public arena on cotton and irrigated crops.

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