General Manager, Group Security, Australia Post

As the General Manager for Group Security, Kevin Zuccato is responsible for managing security risks across the Australia Post Group retail and operations network. Kevin works closely with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, public and private sectors to keep our customers, employees and community secure.

Kevin leads a team which oversees the physical security of corporate facilities and assets, intelligence monitoring and compliance with aviation security and regulations, offering commercially beneficial, independent and strategic advice for the Australia Post Group.

Prior to joining Australia Post in 2017, Kevin was the National Cyber Security Executive at IBM Australia New Zealand, responsible for transitioning IBMs globally recognised security technology and expertise to Australia and New Zealand.

Kevin began his career with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). For more than three decades, Kevin was an influential leader, where he held multiple senior executive roles in the AFP including Deputy Chief Police Officer Investigations and Support, AFP Senior Liaison Officer to the USA and Canada in Washington D.C, Director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre and Assistant Commissioner Intelligence. Kevin’s experience includes law enforcement, intelligence, policy development and strategy, specialising in organised crime, fraud and money laundering, and cyber security.

In 2010 and 2011 respectively, he was recognised with an Australian Police Medal and the Vietnamese Protection of Public Security Medal.

Kevin lives in Melbourne and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Executive Institute, Charles Sturt University and the Australian Institute of Police Management.

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