Director, Six Degrees Executive

Kristan manages our Contracting & Interim Talent Solutions Division nationally and heads up the Marketing & Digital, Retail and Sales team in Melbourne. She is an equity shareholder, board member and one of longest standing and most experienced consultants, having started in 2007. She recruits senior to director level engagements within the FMCG, Industrial, Retail and Services industries.

Kristan has been involved in many large scale projects and her passion is partnering with business through major transformation and change, and providing interim solutions to fill gaps that keeps businesses agile and dynamic. She has forged strong relationships with senior females and advocates for diversity in senior leadership roles in the Australian market.

From a personal perspective, Kristan believes that you need to be the master of your own destiny. That is; have a vision, plan how to get there and then focus everything you do in your career to work towards that vision. Importantly, don’t be afraid to take risks.

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