Capability Builder - Hart2Heart Consulting

Leanne is a global explorer who founded Hart2heart Consulting in 2018 to help build people and culture with heart and purpose.

With over 18 years across industries including construction, FMCG, travel, not-for-profit and social enterprise, Leanne combines her HR leadership and coaching with her passion for changing the way wellbeing and mental resilience is supported in the workplace.

She has had the privilege of working with diverse teams in locations including London, Papua New Guinea, New York, Morocco, Cambodia, Sydney, Myanmar, Fiji and Sri Lanka and along the way, designed and implemented a global wellbeing program for Colgate-Palmolive.

Leanne is an active outdoor adventurer, qualified personal trainer, a trauma-informed yoga teacher (in-training) and a board member for Alongside, a grass-roots NFP focused on PTSD education for the partners and families of frontline and emergency service first responders.

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