Mudiwa Chipungu

Head of Operation and Optimisation - Coles Supply Chain

My role is key supply chain and operations with a focus on managing stock throughout our supply chain ensuring that it gets from our DCs to our 820+ stores, maintaining system integrity in how we forecast, flow goods through our warehousing network and fill our stores. My team also oversees how we strategically plan technological enhancements and incorporate these into our operations to keep us agile, current and relevant!

I have 20 years industry experience and as well as my time at Coles I have worked in other industries including: Consulting Telecommunications, Transport and Warehousing, Business Development, Manufacturing and Vendor management

I have also had roles in the discount retailing, banking, fashion and petroleum sectors. My work has spanned a broad range of organisations including Ceva, Toll, Telstra, Nab, Goodyear Dunlop, GNC Consulting and Coles.

With my most significant accomplishments to date including:

Negotiating numerous contracts with certain fortune 500 companies and winning them.

Testing my resilience in trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Completing my MBA at Melbourne Business School which helped formalise that which I am most passionate about which is building capability and empowering teams and individuals whilst complementing the organisational bottom-line and doing so in a way that is consistent with my values and purpose.

Lastly, reflecting on my accomplishments, I can see that that my moto has been “Always say yes!”professionally while working out the “How”, later. Life constantly throws us opportunities. Our job is to seize these and work out what to learn from them. Stretch yourself, determine who the stakeholders, leverage your networks and use your ability to negotiate and influence to help propel you forward.

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